MINI BOOT CAMP! Exercises you can do in your Backyard

5 years ago

I officialy am on holidays now, and that means take-out, junk food and lazing around? WRONG!

<em> Well maybe not the take-out bit and Junkfood...</em>

But every day I`m going to get some physical exercise! And this morning I am staying at family friend`s place, and what they do four times a week is a mini boot camp! They do it for about 45 minutes, early in the morning before the day starts!

<strong> Preperations</strong>
Set your clothes out the night before! i did this and it`s so much easier than having to do it the next day!
Make sure your equipment is in one place, ready to be used!

<strong> Exercise Moves</strong>

<strong> Squats</strong>
There a killer, but do them in reps and feel your thighs, legs, hips and stomach burn! If you do it a couple of times during the boot camp it works really well!

<strong> Planks</strong>
I am terrible at these, not going to lie. And I shake like mad, but if you build up your strength you`ll be great! Start at 20 seconds, to 30. And keep on going till you can`t no longer!

<strong> Bench push</strong>
Place your hands onto a bench, and the tip of your bum, stretch your legs out and slowly lift your bum in the air and then push down, but try not to use your legs, I also sucked at this one!

<strong> Jogging on the spot</strong>
Great to warm up the muscles, explains itself really.

<strong> Sit-ups & Push-ups</strong>
Simple once again, I love sit ups but I hate push ups. So I tend to do more sit-ups and such. You can also have a whole little routine sorted out when you left up to the left, down, right, down, middle, down and then touch your ankles! That`s what I did and I really like that one!

<strong> leg lifts</strong>
Legs up in the air and down while lying on your back, it does hurt after a while, and your not allowed to touch the ground with your feet!

<strong> Star Jumps</strong>
I love these, and it`s great for a basic warm and etc.

<strong> Weight lifts</strong>
I use a 2.5kg weight in each hand, but i can do a little more, i can lift a 8kg as well, but i am trying to slowly build and strength my muscles, not to kill them like the 8 kg would do to me. Lift them above your head and the bend your arms, basically just lifting them up and down above your head!

<strong> SWIM</strong>
This is totally optional, but afterwards we chuck our swimmers on and then jump into the pool to warm down, and just do laps and stuff. It`s fun, relaxing and still burning calories!

<em> We did do much more of course, but these were some of the key exercises we used! If you wondered we woke up a couple of minutes before 6am to get changed then started at around 6ish! </em>

<strong> Do you do a mini work out each day or a long one?</strong>

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