Mini Apple Pies!

2 years ago

For Thanksgiving, I baked an apple pie. I ended up having a leftover pie crust (since they come in packs of 2), some leftover apples, and a little bit of extra crumb topping. I originally decided to maybe make little apple fritters, but then realized I could make mini apple pies in a muffin pan!

I took the pie crust and ripped off pieces, rolling them into balls and then fitting them inside the muffin pan. I wasn`t sure how they would turn out, so I made some rather thin and some a bit thicker (the thinner ones were the best!). I had enough pie crust dough for 10 mini pies.

Next, I took the extra apples I had and diced a couple of them. In a normal pie, I just use an apple slicer, but for these mini pies, I had to cut the pieces extremely small. I tossed in some cinnamon and a tiny dash of nutmeg for flavor and then filled the mini pie crusts with the apple slices.

Finally, I added my crumb topping on top. The only ingredients are flour, butter, and sugar. It takes a long time for the crumbly-ness to form, but it`s worth it! I patted on the crumb topping to the tops of the mini pies and was ready to put them in the oven.

I knew they wouldn`t need to be in the oven too terribly long since they`re much smaller than a regular-sized pie, so after 15 minutes or so, I took them out, tested them, and they were perfect! I let them cool and then was left wondering how to get them out of the pan... All I ended up doing was using a fork to wedge them out and they popped right out of the pan super easy. They were DELICIOUS!!! :D

Honestly, I think these mini pies were better than the regular pie haha. I might just end up making these from now on! They`re the perfect size and you don`t have to worry about a whole pie not cooking correctly or something going wrong - these are low maintenance and super easy. I`ll definitely be making these again! They were such a great idea for being very spur-of-the-moment!


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