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So Minecraft is an amazing game that basically lets you do whatever you want! It is classified as a sandbox game which means you can do whatever you want and you can change anything about the environment. The game does have an end but you can play it forever and never finish if you want! You dont have to beat it if you dont want to. The game is basically about you (the main character) dropped into a world of blocks and your only goal is to survive. You have to cut down trees, go mining in caves, defeat monsters and craft items to do all of these things! The game is endless and the world that is generated is bigger than some of the plants of our solar system. If you are so inclined you can play on a server with a bunch of friends and build amazing things! The game is always being updated too so you can never get board with it. For those of you who don`t like to play games on your computer, have no fear they have released the game for xbox 360! But if you still dont have an xbox 360 you can play it on your iPod/iPhone! All versions are equally as fun and I think all of you should check this game out!!
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Source link: http://www.insidegamingdaily.com/2012/05/24/minecraft-xbox-360-edition-update-details-revealed/

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