Miltonia Orchid

5 years ago

Sadly this is one of my orchids that have died. It`s called a miltonia. The flowers on this orchid looks like a pansies flower. I have a smaller potted orchid which is also a miltonia but that one survived. That one has about 3 Pseudobulbs. This one on the other hand has about 6 Pseudobulbs. But this one is in flower heaven. I don`t know what went wrong. I did exactly what I did to this one what I do that the one that I had. I think this one was a goner even before I bought it. I saw that it had yellow leaves but it was soo beautiful in the store that I just caved in and bought it. Next time if I see any yellow leaves or any unhealthy looking part, back onto the shelves it go. And it was also potted in spagum moss, which I don`t really like cause it holds more moisture in and makes it easier for the roots to rot. I think that might`ve been the case. I really don`t like it when they potted it in moss, I wish they potted it in bark instead. This orchid in the photo here cost $12.99. I bought it at Trader Joe`s. They have some great deals there. I bought a cymbidium there for $13.99 too. So if you want orchids go to your local traders joe`s and check it out. I think they have better orchids than those home improvement stores.
--oh yeah..I forgot to mention earlier..that the best way to water these orhcids is to poke your fingers into the potting medium to see if it`s still wet, if so..don`t water for another couple days, if dry..water and no overhead watering. Another rule is that orchids should be watered once a week or every 2 weeks depending on the potting medium. But then again, it doesn`t really matter if the roots were rotting when the orchids were in the store, so only healthy looking plants. I made that msitake more than

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