Milky Way Mini Bar from England

4 years ago

On Friday, my coworker decided to bring back some treat-sized chocolate bars from England.

Out of the pack of Snickers, Mars and Milky Way, I decided to try the Milky Way one since I`ve never had it before. You actually cannot find Milky Way bars in regular grocery stores in Toronto, you would have to go to a Russian grocery store (Yummy Market at Downsview) or a Polish grocery store (Starsky in Mississauga) to find them.

Occasionally, I`ve found them at bulk barn or the Candy Mountain stores but I never really wanted to pay $2.99 a bar to try it out.

The Milky Way bar is actually a malt nougat wrapped in milk chocolate. It`s very soft and chewy on the inside. The nougat is exceptionally sweet. You can`t really taste the malt though. There`s supposed to be some caramel mixed into the nougat but I couldn`t taste it.

The milk chocolate was my favorite part. Because it had a higher percentage of cocoa butter and cocoa, it completely melted in my mouth and you can taste the rich chocolatey-ness. In England, I`ve explained earlier that to be classified as milk chocolate and not chocolate flavored sweet, manufacturers had to have a certain percentage of cocoa and cocoa butter. This percentage is higher than Canada, which makes the chocolate taste a lot better.

Overall, I don`t think I`ll buy this chocolate bar again because I don`t really like Nougat. I was actually hoping the inside would be almond and coconut from the name, but it wasn`t.

Have you guys tried Milky Way bars?

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