Miley Cyrus Weight Loss amp Pilates - When Is Exercise Too Much?

4 years ago

Miley Cyrus has been on the headlines recently due to her recent weight loss that results from her latest addiction : exercise.

Miley is probably the pilates queen because its seems that most of her exercise consists in pilates workouts that she has been doing for years but increased recently. An increase in exercise lead, and diet also, changed Mileys figure but it seems that she might be overdoing it.

Miley changed her diet to a gluten free one due to allergies and that also helped with the weight loss, but exercise is where she might be going over the board. She workouts six time a week with a lot of lower body work.

While exercising is good and recommended for a healthy lifestyle and pilates do help with flexibility also, there is something as "too much" and Miley is becoming an example of that because from what i have read she seems to be a bit obsessed with exercise, and the fact that she does full workouts 6 times a week shows that.

Miley, and everybody else, should really be careful because to much exercise can increase the chances of injury and increase weight loss on someone with healthy weight ( like Miley). So just be careful with exercise, pick something you like and do it 3 times a week and control diet, this seems to be the recommended way to do it.
Btw, im not saying she looks completely bad or even sick, but she does look much thinner than before and seems to be close to underweight.

<strong>Do you think Miley is overdoing exercise?
Have you ever ( or still) do too much exercise or know someone who does?</strong>

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