Miley Cyrus Scary Skinny in Twitter Picture

4 years ago

I was and probably always will be a Miley Cyrus fan. When she started slimming down, I didn`t agree with the popular opinion that she was TOO thin. But after seeing this recent Twitter picture she tweeted, I can honestly say she is looking pretty scary.

Her waist looks insanely small in this photo. It`s made worst by the fact she is wearing fiance Liam Hemsworth`s pants, which are obviously a few sizes too large, and then a super tight tee that stops right at the smallest of her waist.

But wow! Look at her rock hard abs. I want to know what else she is doing besides Pilates. She has said that she has been doing a lot of Pilates these past months, but can Pilates really do that much for your figure? I guess given the fact that she is a celebrity she has personal trainers and the free time to devote purely to working out and Pilates.....

But it also seems like she`s going on some kind of crash diet. That is definitely not good for you. She does tweet a lot about eating junk food, but that seems like a weird thing to tweet about. Seems like Liam Hemsworth should be doing what she is doing for his role as Gale in The Hunger Games, because he was not nearly as skinny as he should be for a starved resident of District 12.

Want to look like Miley Cyrus?
--Pilates with Mari Windsor (you can get her DVDs)
--Pilates 6 times a week
--Gluten-free and lactose-free diet

Good luck if you aim to look like her, although I really don`t recommend it.

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