Miley Cyrus Gone Crazy?!?

3 years ago

Well, everyone has their different opinion of every celeb out there. Why is Miley such a big issue???
Is it because she played as `Hannah Montana` and MILLIONS of kids looked up to her??
Is it because she`s changed so drastically and so fast that you just don`t understand it??
Just like everyone else I also have my opinion. Here it goes...
Have you ever wondered WHY so many Disney Stars disappear after a while? Do you ever wonder what happened to them? Disney makes them sign a contract, of course, I mean what TV company doesn`t. But little do many people know what is INSIDE that contract. They are not allowed to change their hair, style, ect. Kids/Teens who work for Disney are forced to be the same thing every day of their life...That is, until they turn 18. Some of them (Raven Symone, Hilary Duff, ect) ended up just staying to them-selves and living their life happily, while others (like Miley) continue with the fame. Miley Cyrus hears a lot of googoo about `WHERE`S THE OLD MILEY, THE ONE WE LOVED?!?!?!` She is the same person, she GREW UP!!! She`s 20 something years old and people are acting like she`s still 14. I understand her actions are a bit risky for young viewers but that`s in NO way her fault. Parents, if you don`t want your kids exposed to her then turn off the TV. This kind of stuff is everywhere in the music industry and my key point is IF MILEY CYRUS NEVER PLAYED ON DISNEY YOU WOULDN`T FREAK OUT ABOUT WHAT SHE`S DOING TODAY IN HER LIFE. But because she was a `mini mouse puppet (Disney actress)` she DOES have young viewers and you honestly CANNOT blame her for `influencing` your kids either, because she`s not trying to be a role model, she`s being herself and getting more fans and making more money. She`s 20 something years old, she dresses her age, she smokes , I mean...It`s HER life. I personally think she has NOT lost her mind. She finally got out of that Disney contract and cut her hair, changed her style, and her music the way SHE wanted to.
Now, I`m not going off on any `Miley Haters` and I am not defending her, I am simply explaining how I feel and why I feel it. Below I`m going to post a few links with interviews and her answering fans.

This will be one and only blog about Miley Cyrus. I hope you enjoyed it.

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