Miley and her 500 calries diet ....-(

Hello guys !

i have just ended my school today and i have officialy a holidays ! Yeeeey ;-) I think that i deserve some free time to relax.
Today i want to write about my lovely Miley.
Like you know her figure now is just perfect in my opinion of course. She is going to gym everyday for 3 hours and go on diet. Heh the same free gluten diet as mine ;D Honestly when i first heard that i need to go on diet and that i can`t eat my sweets and chips i thought " ohh that`s bad but hey Miley has got the same, so i could do this like her". Hahah i know maby that`s stupid but it helps me.
But today i read that Miley is starving herself to look good for her boyfriend ;-( She is eating only 500 calories for day which is mega crazy ! I mean even stupid cheese has got about 45 calories. So she is probably just eating free gluten bread with anything more, drinking just water and maby some fruits... Liam said that he is worried about Miley and her health. I am worried too ! Miley is scared that Liam would like her only in that slimmy version and that`s why she is doing all this.
That`s so sad for me ;-( I want to be slim and skinny too be in healthy way. Exercises are good and diet too but we need to eat even 1500 calories for a day. It`s minimum i think or 1000. She mustbe hugry all the time.
I hope that she will end with that stupid 500 calories diet...

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