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5 years ago

Currently, I have five of Milani`s Baked Blushes. I started out receiving one as a freebie from Milani`s website. They had some sort of giveaway and I was part of the group that received a blush. That got me hooked on them. I absolutely loved the first one. From there I started to read more reviews on them and became interested in finding specific shades. Well, now I have five and for the most part I enjoy them... but, there are some flaws

What I enjoy is that they are nicely pigmented, except Dolce Pink. They go on smooth and blend nicely. You don`t have to fight to get them to look good. They have a nice range of colors for cool, warm, fair, deep skins, etc. I really think everyone could find a blush they`d enjoy.

One of the main things I kind of dislike is that some of them have chunky shimmers. Not a lovely, glowing kind of shimmer... but a down right Cullen sparkle... not my thing. I find with the shades that have the higher sparkle content, I have to be very light handed or I`m going to look crazy. I try to pick the ones that have the least shimmer veining running through them to avoid that issue.

I like to apply these with a stippling brush because of how pigmented they are. If I use something more dense, the color is just too concentrated. I like to use either my sigma F50 or a stippling/duo-fiber brush that came in a brush set by EcoTools (that Amy/ALeung sent me). Both work well.

<Strong>The Colors I Have Are:</Strong>
1. Dolce Pink
2. Rose D`Oro
3. Terra Sole
4. Luminoso
5. Corallina

<em>(the above numbers coordinate with the numbers in the swatch photo)</em>

Dolce Pink is the one I enjoy the very least. I don`t wear it very often. I thought it would be a bit deeper than it really is. If it weren`t for the high content of glitter, I may be able to use this for a highlight...but the glitters drive me crazy. Its a glitter bomb mess
Rose D`Oro This one I like for the cooler months of fall/winter. It also has some sort of chunky shimmer particles but I don`t think they`re as big as those in Dolce Pink. Or perhaps the deeper coloring prevents them from looking crazy on me. I still have to be light handed with this one, though.
Terra Sole This was the first one I tried. This is the only matte one I have. This one seems like it would be too deep in coloring for me but with a light hand it just livens up my face and adds a bit of color.
Luminoso This one I enjoy the most. It does have a bit of sheen to it but the particles are so extremely fine in it. This one is probably the most flattering on me, too. I have a feeling I will run out of this one first since I reach for it the most.
Corallina is the newest one to my collection. I haven`t had a chance to really try it out. I heard TONS about it, though, and people seem to adore it. For that reason I just had to try it. It does have the chunkier glitter in it so I`m hoping it doesn`t leave me feeling the same way towards it as I do Dolce Pink. I tried to find one that had the least glittery veining in it.

All in all, I do think they are nice blushes... and if you can get past the shimmeriness of them you`ll be golden.


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