Miku Flick an iPhone app game from Japan.

4 years ago

Picture are from source link below.

Here`s a VERY cool app from Japan that you can Download for your iPhone or other i Device. It`s called Miku Flick and is a Project Diva game for your iPhone or other i Device. Costing a hefty ¥900 ($11 American) It`s not exactly a cheap game to Download. However the game is extremely well made and has very good graphics and songs.

The game works by you helping Miku and the other Vocaloids sing their songs by way of a "Simon" way of play. You use the pad that overlays over the the video to type out the kanji in the pattern and order it shows you to help your Vocaloid sing. Be careful not to type in the wrong kangi or you lose points quickly. So if you guys want a game that you can spend hours on and still have fun and listen to cool music at the same time (and have a spare $11 to spend) then Download Miku Flick!

Source link: http://itunes.apple.com/jp/app/mikufurikku-02-chu-yinmiku/id543121231?mt=8

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