Mikes Pastry Boston, MA

5 years ago

If you are EVER in Boston you
NEED to make a trip to the North End and pay a special little visit into the best thing thatll ever come into your life if youre a foodie. What is that thing?
ANYTHING that is sold at Mikes Pastry! Okay, so maybe not anything, well thats only if there are things in pastries that you dont like. But if you like cannolis, this is the place for you! Mikes canollis are just the best cannolis in the history of cannolis and they come in a number of flavors: plain, chocolate chip, hazelnut, mint chocolate chip, peanut butter, strawberry, pistachio, chocolate cream, yellow cream, etc. The only thing that I would say is better than the cannolis is their gigantic lobster tails! Lobster tails are these gigantic flaky, crunchy pastries that are filled with freshly made cream. Deliciousness! Their apple pastries are also very good. Heck, everything in this bakery is if you ask me and no I havent tried everything there, but everything I have had has been tip-top. If youre lucky enough to get there before the mob (and I mean mob, sometimes the line is outside and you can barely move around inside) there are tables and chairs set up on the left hand side for customers to enjoy their pastry comfortably. If there are a lot of people inside, there are typically 6-8 girls working behind the counter so the lines tend to move, but you tend to get lost in the sea of people and mildly overwhelmed. The girls and guys that work there are helpful and if you want to ask prices before telling them to box things, do so since well, price tags arent shown in the bakery but then again price tags are not shown at ANY bakery in the state of Massachusetts. Do know that Mikes only takes cash, so dont go in there and order a bunch of stuff then try to hand them plastic because thats a no go! Their items are somewhat pricey I purchased 2 cannolis and a lobster tail and it cost me $12, but then again based on the local and the freshness, I dont mind the price once in a while. Ill do you a huge favor and provide the address so you dont have to look it up later ;): Address: 300 Hanover St. Boston, Massachusetts 02113 Website: http://www.mikespastry.com/ Note: Apologies for not getting the entire bakery front picture, but there was a truck parked in front and a line forming outside and there wasnt much room for photography. Also incase youre wondering that long powder sugar covered thing? Thats a lobster tail! Images are mine do not take or use. Thank you.

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