Mike amp Chris Brown Leather Jacket

4 years ago

Recently I bought myself a brown leather jacket in preparation for the incoming fall season.

The brown for the leather jacket makes for a much more casual feel than a black leather jacket which has a more rocker feel. You guys know I shop around ebay a lot so that`s where I found this leather jacket.

Mike & Chris is a pretty obscure brand since honestly speaking I can`t find it in any actual store but its a high end brand. I just got the jacket in the mail today. It`s a little stiff when I tried it on but that`s how it is with leather. You need to break it in and wear it enough for the fibers to break down and for the leather to mold to your body. It`s the same thing when it comes to leather seats and couches.

I really liked this jacket, especially the big buttons. It makes it a lot more casual than most other jackets and I`m really glad that its front pockets are real (yes again with my obsession with pockets) but personally I can`t understand why jackets wouldn`t have real pockets because...I don`t know...pockets...they`re important! Why would you not have actual pockets for a jacket? You`re gonna keep the upper body warm but not the hands? What?

Okay so now that I have gone off on a complete tangent, I`ll finish up. Since Mike & Chris is a really high end brand it`s a little pricier but I still only paid $80 for this leather jacket and I think that`s a pretty good price. Can`t wait for fall to roll around so I can wear this baby.

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