Midtown Madness 3

4 years ago

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My last game recommendation for today is the 3rd and final installment of the Midtown Madness series. Midtown Madness 3. Released in 2002, the game, unlike the 1st 2 MM games, was released on the original X-Box. Since it was released on the X-box the game got a HUGE boost in graphics and in sound, nearly doubling its quality. Like in MM2 you get to reek havoc in 2 major cities of the world. Washington D.C. and Paris. The game also got an overhaul in game modes. While Cruise, Blitz races, Circuit races, and Checkpoint races remained, several new modes were added including Hunter, Capture the gold (a mode brought over from the MM2 online games), Work Undercover, Stay-away, and Tag. The game also sported online play on X-Box Live, although this has since been discontinued along with all other X-Box games with online play. Although you can still play with a multi-player mode on the X-Box itself against friends and rivals. Work Undercover was a new feature added to the game in which you work undercover as a agent in various jobs like a pizza delivery guy, a taxi driver, a Limo-driver, a security guard, a stunt driver, a police officer and many more. Along with the new modes were 20 more cars and vehicles to chose from then from the other two MM games. Several of which were unlockable only after clearing and finishing the races and other challenges. However, despite the numerous add-ons and game upgrades, the game sold poorly on the X-Box and fans complained that there was never a PC version of the game released and still hasn`t. Because of the poor sales Midtown Madness 4 which was supposed to be leased in 2004 on the X-Box was canceled. This game would allowed you to race in the cities of Miami and Tokyo. There has never been another Midtown Madness game since, much to the despair of thousands of Fans, including myself.

All in All I thought this game was excellent. A little overwhelming at 1st if you were use to the other two MM games, but once you got use to it, it was one of the best car games for the X-Box. So I so highly recommend this one.

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