Midtown Madness 2

4 years ago

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The next game I highly recommend is the 2nd in the Midtown Madness series. Midtown Madness 2! Release back in 2000 this game is very much like the 1st MM except it got a graphics and sound boost along with several more cars, vehicles and features added in. MM2 allows you to race in 2 cities; San Fransisco and London. The game still included Blitz races, Checkpoint races, Circuit races, and Cruise mode, but it also added in the new game mode called Crash Course. In Crash Course you drive as a Stunt man for a movie in San Fransisco and a "Taxi" driver in London. As with the 1st MM you have to go through all the challenges and races to unlock lock different cars and vehicles like the Mustang Fast Back, VW Beetles, Fireladder truck, and a doubledecker bus plus many more! The game doesn`t have a sound track but like the 1st game allows you to play CDs while in the game. Along with the graphics boost and all the game was also the 1st MM game to let you play online against other people around the world! The game was so popular online that the servers stayed up until 2006. And also like the 1st game there are literally hundreds of more cars and add-ons for this game developed by fans and game developers alike to keep you playing for a long time. This game also included sports announcers for the various races and modes for each city, from a gangsa, to a hippe, to a beach babe for SF, and a Scottish highlander and a rich English woman for London and several more!

All in all this game is a huge improvement form the 1st and will keep you playing for years to come. I STILL DO! So I really think this is a great game for anyone looking for a classic game that can last through the years.

Source link: http://images.wikia.com/midtownmadness2/images/b/be/Midtown_Madness_2_Coverart.jpg

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