Midtown Madness

4 years ago

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Now time to recommend a bit of a classic game. It`s called Midtown Madness. Released way back in 1999 Midtown Madness (or MM as it was called) was the 1st of the MM series. The game allows you to drive several different cars like the VW Beetle and the FORD Mustang, and other vehicles including a Freightliner Semi-truck or a City bus! The game comes with several game modes for varying degrees of play style including Blitz races, Circuit races, Checkpoint races, and Cruise mode. Completing different races and challenges allows you to unlock various cars and other vehicles in the game. As you might expect from a game from 1999 the Graphics are rather low, at least compared to today`s games, but for back then they were great. The sound quality is pretty good as well. There is no soundtrack to the game, however it did come with a feature that allows you to play CDs while the game is going. Each MM game came with a pair of cities to drive around in. However MM 1 only allowed you to drive in the city of Chicago since was the city with the most famous car chases in Hollywood movies. the game controls are rather well put together allowing you to play the game with a joystick, keyboard , or game wheel. Since the games release there have been hundreds of add on cars created by fans and game developers alike so you can go to any number of sites and download new cars and areas to play/race around in.

All in all this game is highly addictive, even today. and I highly recommend it for someone looking for a classic car game to play.

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