Microwave + YouTube = yWave

4 years ago

Hello all, Coming directly from Penapps Hackaton, a contest to give the imagination of hackers and programmers did this strange combination of hardware, very properly dubbed the yWave. How many people have a ritual to warm milk or coffee in the microwave for breakfast and as the cup rotates inside, the gang waiting out here with nothing to do? Here comes this explosive combination of microwave + youtube: regularmos the time for heating food in the microwave, the display shows a youtube video with exactly the same amount of seconds to keep them entertained while it`s hot. Moreover, it is still placed in an account of what the tweet micro-wave just made. Joking, but possibly it is an idea that many had already achieved weighted as occupying that piece of time while the computer does not `bling`. What do you think of this fantastic idea?

image not mine

Source link: http://www.revolucaodigital.net/2011/11/22/uwave-micro-ondas-arduino-youtube/

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