Microwave Poached Eggs?!?!?

2 years ago

Hey luuuxers,

I didn`t know this was possible, but I just found out that you can actually soft poach eggs in the microwave!

All you need (besides your microwave) is a microwave safe bowl, a plate to cover the bowl, water and (obviously), an egg!

You fill your bowl about halfway with water, and crack your egg inside. Then cover with the plate and cook for approximately 50 seconds.

If you aren`t sure if the egg is cooked, continue to cook for 10 second pulses. You can also cook for longer if you don`t want your yolk to be as runny.

Once you are happy, remove the egg from the water (easiest to use a slotted spoon).

I served my egg on a piece of toast. Honestly, I was surprised at how easy and quick it was! I love poached eggs, so I can see myself making this a lot more often. I don`t make poached eggs at home since it takes much longer and creates a bigger mess doing it the traditional way. And there is a greater chance of breaking the yolk when using the traditional method.

It may not be the prettiest poached egg I`ve ever had, but it tasted just as good. I`m going to experiment with just the smallest dash of vinegar to see if that helps the white surround the yolk better.

If you like poached eggs, I totally recommend trying this at home! :)

p.s. I actually discovered this method thanks to the Buzzfeed Youtube video I also linked! I use the scrambled eggs method all the time when I am in a rush!


Source link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTAvToGMY4E

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