Microsoft to sell Xbox 360 for $ 99 under contract

The U.S. giant is preparing an economic revolution in the concept of buying a console. Microsoft wants to use a system similar to post-paid tariffs of telecom operators.

For $ 99 (75euros) the buyer would be entitled to an Xbox 360 Slim 4GB and a Kinect sensor. When making a purchase, you used to activate an automatic monthly subscription of Live Gold for two years in which pay $ 15 per month. A report in The Verge site states that this system would only be used at an early stage in the U.S. and if it were a success, power would extend to other markets like Europe. According to investigations, this type of purchasing system console starts the second week of May 2012 and is a commitment by Microsoft to try to dominate the market for multimedia devices within consumers` homes.

The system of purchasing post-paid, the user is linked to an entity for a certain period of time, never been used in the universe of consoles. The monthly payment plans that provide access to services and cheaper equipment is used worldwide within telecommunications carriers, where often the buyer gets to bring the mobile phone for free in exchange for certain monthly subscription. Microsoft has become a pioneer in the model would then selling postpaid consoles and could gain a significant advantage over Playstation and Nintendo in the world of videogames. It is expected that with this strategy the U.S. company to increase its service content offerings, with more movies, series and music known to the public.

The American trade press has decided to do the math to see if each pays more to buy equipment and services separately, or if the bundle is really helpful. After two years, who joined the Xbox 360 for $ 99 a month will spend a total of $ 460, while the individual purchase of the Xbox, and Kinect Live Gold subscription is for $ 420. That is, the whole "cheap" turns out to be more expensive $ 40 (30 euros) after two years, but given that the initial expenditure is well below, the user is about 24 months to save 30 euros. Anyone acquiring the whole of the Xbox 360 for $ 99 and do not want to continue to be connected to the Live Gold monthly, will have to terminate the contract with American multinational and indemnify the company with the values agreed in the contract.

This may be the last great act of sales of Xbox 360, before the launch of the new console. So far Microsoft has not commented on any of the information disclosed and it is expected that even during the first week of May there are updates to about 360 postpaid plan.

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