Microsoft makes left side of space bar that can be used as backspace

The traditional keyboard has been modified many times as technology evolved. Now a days keyboards come in many sizes, colors, and the manufacture tries to add little button to make you want that keyboard because lets be honest when was the last time you went out to buy a keyboard? I doubt any of you guys responded yes. Anyways, Microsoft is changing the game yet again by breaking the space bar half and the left side is a backspace key. I`m not sure why they would do this but I know that when I type on my iPod and have the international keyboard on and my spacebar is smaller it annoys me. It`s just something that we take for granted, because let`s say tomorrow all the keyboards in the worlds switch keys spacebar and the letter Q. It just would feel weird to have a smaller key for something that was always bigger. What do you think would you buy this?

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