Microsoft fixes serious security flaws in Hotmail

Error discovered has exposed the accounts of all supporters of the mail service company.
Without much fanfare, Microsoft has implemented some fixes for a serious security flaw discovered in Hotmail. The failure affected the system password reset service and, if used by bad guys, would anyone change the password of an account without the owner being aware of it. The error left all email accounts exposed.

The problem was found in an error in Hotmail in the way it handles requests for password reset. In order to prevent anyone besides the owners reset their passwords, the system Microsoft has a kind of validation. For it to be activated, the user must click the link sent for confirmation.

The failure to make discovery allowed this process without the need for validation. The method to circumvent the system was so simple that hackers were already providing this service on the Internet by charging low prices, from U.S. $ 20. The method has spread through the net and came to be successful in the Arab countries.

The flaw was discovered by the team of Vulnerability Labs on April 6, but the company waited until the 20th to report to Microsoft. Hours after receiving the warning, Microsoft released a fix for the problem. Identify whether you are a victim of a case like this is simple: just log into your account and if the password does not work, because something went wrong.

However, if the conclusion is simple, the same can not be said of the resolution, since these properties to change the hacker modifies information retrieval, which makes the process cumbersome. The best solution is to send a support request to Microsoft, you should analyze each case in particular.

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