Michelle Williams Cover Racist or Art?

Ahhh, the headlines in the Fashion & Entertainment world is up in arms today. Some are calling this cover racist & others are considering it art. It amazes me how judgmental and overacting some people can be. I`m sick of the double standard. If it was a person of color doing this cover shoot, then it would be no problem, but it`s not, so it`s an issue. If a person of color calls a white person nasty names, it`s fine. If a white person says the wrong thing it`s racist. Everything needs to be PC now, or someone cries. Perfect example: during Obama`s re-election an African American actress was supporting Romney. Everyone threw a hissy fit. How could she not support her fellow African American? To me those calling her out are racists. So now we have to choose our countries leader based on race? That makes no sense. Maybe I have this all wrong, but I`m Caucasian, born in America, but am third generation Ukrainian. I consider myself Ukrainian, I speak the language, eat/cook the food, go to Ukrainian church, have a Ukrainian boyfriend, all my friends are Ukrainian But when I tell people I`m Ukrainian they always point out that my passport says I`m American, so I`m not Ukrainian. I have Ukrainian history, but I`m not Ukrainian. So why isn`t it the same for everyone? Does that mean a 3rd Generation person from China can`t consider themselves as Asian?

Back to the magazine cover. It`s in black & white so we can`t tell if the makeup artists darkened Michelle`s porcelain fair skin. We can tell that her eye makeup is smudged (was she crying?) & her face looks very sad. She`s not smiling or "poking fun" an Native Americans, no, she`s embracing the part.

I don`t know, to me it seems like everyone is overreacting just a little. There are a lot interesting comments in the article where the image came from.

1. What do you think of the cover?
2. Do you agree there`s a double standard in our society?

For the record, I am not racist, antisemitic, or a bigot. Just expressing my frustrations of a double standard. I have friends from all walks of life, all over the world & have never judged them based on color or religion. A person should be judged by their actions & words, not where they come from or what they believe in. We should also never judge a person by what their ancestors did. We can`t change the past, we can only write the future <3

~*~ Image not mine, it`s from Refinery29 ~*~

Source link: http://www.refinery29.com/2013/03/44184/michelle-williams-another-magazine-cover-pictures-offensive?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_

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