Michelle Phan: Whats your opinion?

Michelle Phan is probably the most well known makeup up guru of YouTube. She was the first guru I watched. I used to really enjoy her videos, but at this point I`m torn. I adored her old tutorials where everything felt more natural and unscripted. Now the quality and production of her videos are a lot more professional and fun to watch, but something was lacking for me. I feel she`s a bit overexposed and that there are other make up artist who are more talented than she is. Don`t get me wrong, I am not bashing Michelle Phan. She`s a young woman who has worked hard to get where she is now. I just miss how she used to post regularly with videos I enjoyed. We all change as people and she`s changing so I get that. I`ve just found that I do not like this change.

Whats your opinion on Michelle Phan? Do you like her? How do you feel about her change in video format/posting videos?

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