Michelle Phan: A Racist to Koreans and A Liar with proof!

4 years ago

Picture of MichellePhan from here:

Okay I know I`ve been ranting a lot about Michelle lately but I found something today that PISSED ME OFF.
In the video above,

She tells her friend to shut up the eff or the Koreans sitting nearby will nuke his ass while pointing at them.
Um racist much? As a Korean girl, I found this REALLY offensive.

And she also claimed in 2007 girls who have skinny bodies have faces that look like death. She also says every man likes girls who can eat. How can she know that? She cant speak for all men.

Here is the proof:

And heres the catch, shes always trying to lose weight!



And then she DENIES it and pretends she NEVER said that. Then she says she HATES being thin? And its NOT possible for her to be 110 pounds. Im 120 pounds, 52 her, and my body is definitely skinnier then her. Especially because she has boobs too so she has to be at least 130.


This is where she says shes 110 pounds

And then she says she wants to fit in a 0 size dress?
What happened to curvy bodies that she wanted?

Then of course, she contradicts herself again and says HK women are obsessed with being thing and want to all be double zeros or zeros.

And this post is getting way too long but you might want to read this:
Shes not as poor as she claims she is!
Well I hope I convinced you that Michelle Phan is not as great as you think. Shes in fact a very selfish liar who is using all of us for money on youtube. She doesn`t deserve to be the #1 guru when there are many other girls with more talent than her. If you haven`t already, unsubscribe to her!

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