Michelin-starred Restaurant: Din Tai Fung

4 years ago

During my trip to Seattle last week, I accidentally passed by this restaurant called Din Tai Fung. I thought it was just a regular Chinese restaurant where they served dumplings and steamed buns. But after a closer look at the restaurant`s history that`s posted on the wall outside of the retaurant, I found out that it was actually the first Michelin-starred Taiwanese restaurant. That just made me really want to try it out.

Being Chinese myself, I`ve had all sorts of dumplings and xiaolongbao (small steamed buns with meat filling). What was so special and great about this Din Tai Fund place? The place had a relatively simple menu. They had noodles, dumplings, all types of buns, and a few other veggie dishes. I ordered xiaolongbao because that`s their signature dish, also some pot stickers which the waiter claims to be made from a very special machine that was recently imported from Taiwan, a bowl of noodles, steamed fish dumplings, and juicy pork dumplings in spicy sauce. All this was to be shared between just 2 people. I know we ordered a lot. but that was only because we waited an hour to get a table and there`s no such restaurant near where I live so I had to try everything on the menu that I wanted to try.

My thoughts were that they really have a good dough recipe. The skin of the buns and the dumplings were really thin, but chewy at the same time. This is extremely hard to achieve if you`ve ever tried to make dumpling skins by yourself. The pork filling was very juicy and delicious as well. Overall, I think it`s worth the Michelin Star.

<strong>Have you ever heard of this place before?</strong>

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