Michael`s Steak Salad

Sunday night Michael put together this delicious steak salad, so I thought I`d share his recipe with you all :)

London Broil
Worcester Sauce
Spicy Brown Mustard
Black Pepper
Ginger Powder
Olive Oil
Salad - your choice - we used a basic romaine salad and added shredded mozzarella cheese

In a large freezer bag, pour Worcester Sauce (no definite measurement, just enough to have the steak "swimming" in the sauce when you put it in the bag), add about 3 tablespoons of Spicy Brown Mustard - close the bag and mix up the contents.
Tenderize the meat to your liking, then add the steak to the bag of sauce you just mixed. Close up the bag and massage the sauce into the meat (just squish it around in your hands). Put the bag of meat in the fridge for about 4hrs.
Pull out the meat, let it sit on a counter for 2hrs to reach room temperature.
In a large skillet, on medium high - brown the meat, dust some salt, black pepper and ginger powder on both sides. Sear the meat until it starts to blacken a little on both sides. (Preheat oven to 325` between searing each side) Add the remainder of the sauce to the skillet along with about 2 tablespoons of olive oil.
Once both sides are blackened, put the skillet in the oven, uncovered, for about 10 mins, then flip the meat and do another 10 mins
Once it`s done, remove the steak, place it on a tray or platter with all it`s juices and sauce, let it cool for about half an hour - chop it up and throw it into your desired salad.

For salad dressing we combined balsamic dressing with the remainder of the Worcester/mustard sauce.

That`s it! It`s tangy and juicy and oh-so-delicious!

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