Michael Todd Mineral Eye Shadow in Little Duck Key

*Pictures are mine, do not use*

Hey all! This is an eyeshadow I ordered when I made my first purchase with All Cosmetics Wholesale. I decided to post on this eyeshadow because I wasn`t able to find pictures of swatches when I was considering purchasing it. Because of that, I thought I was going to be receiving a very rich, intense dark teal.....However, what the actual color is (as can be seen in the swatches above) is a black-based deep green. Although it is black-based (meaning the if a small amount of color is smeared, it looks like smeared black shadow), it is a very apparent green unless the smallest amount is smeared and then it just looks like a black shadow. I don`t see this as a problem though because by small amount, I mean the tiny amount that is like fallout. I recently posted an Eye Of The Day using this on the lid. The link will be below, so check it out! You will definitely be able to notice the black base of the color in those pictures. For the swatches above, the left is with no primer/base, and the right is with a small amount of a cream base to help it stick. If you notice, there is pretty much no difference.

*Rich, intense pigment
*Decent price if found on discount sites
*Great quality

*If small amount of fallout is smeared, it is black.

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