Michael Kors Watches....Overrated?

Ellllooo(: so todayy i wanted to talk about watches. Brand watches to be specific.! So there is one major brand everyone and I mean everyone tends to turn to. MICHAEL KORS. Like don`t get me wrong there adorable but $250 for a watch that can magically i don`t know; get stolen, broken, wet, etc. Everyone and their mom`s have these watches. And me I kinda hate having accessories and stuff like other ppl. But anyways, I want a watch but i really wouldn`t want a michael kors watch because everyone has one. And I would rather be original lol

2.) Fossil- The watch i really love is this gold fossil watch and it is half the price ! is $125 and that is a way better deal to me than an almost $300 watch. Right?

3) Marc Jacobs- then there are Marc Jacobs watches and believe me I love me some Marc Jacobs but his watches are the same price as a Michael Kors Watch. But not everyone has a Marc Jacobs watch so that is goood.
Anyways, OVERRALL. = I believe Michael Kors watches are overrated.
This is my personal Opinion. If you have a Michael Kors Watch goood for you.(:

Fossil ALLL THE WAY! <3
marcJacobs michaelKors

Source link: http://faswatch.com/michael-kors-quartz-rosegold-round-dial-rosegold-band-womens-watch-mk5128.html

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