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5 years ago

I`ve recently bought a Michael Kors Chronographic Glitz watch in Rose Gold, it`s a beautiful watch but I`ve been having bad experiences with this.

First off, I was unable to get the strap adjusted when I bought it because they said their adjusting pin device was broken. So I went to another Michael Kors store location to get it adjusted. The sales lady brought it to the back, and came back out (after I`ve just been standing there waiting for like 10 minutes) and said that their adjusting pin device just broke, so she gave me back the watch intact. I looked at it, and there were scratches all over the chain links (looks like they attempted to adjust it, but ended up just scratching the pin all over it instead)! I said "...ummm why is it so scratched up?" She apologizes, and took it to the back again to get it "fixed."

While I stood there again waiting for another 10 minutes, I hear banging of a small hammer from the back. She came back out and gave me my watch, adjusted (although not at the right length -__-") and gave me my spare links that they took out. I looked at the spare links, and they were even MORE scratched up than before! They weren`t even scratches anymore, more like DENTS! I was pretty pissed, I mean, it`s a new $340 watch that they just fucked up. SO I said "...how did this get scratched up even more??" The lady said that she can order replacement links from Fossil for me free of charge, and that I`ll just have to come back to get them a few weeks later. Last time I went in and checked they said it`ll take a few more weeks to arrive.

In the end, I just brought it to a friend to adjust it for me.

Another issue that I had, was looking at the watch today (it`s been a month since I bought it), I noticed that it was a full 4 minutes behind. That`s kinda disappointing, I wonder if they`ll fix that under warranty, but at the same time I won`t want to go through the hassle of sending it in and waiting months to get it back.

Long story short, this is how I found out that FOSSIL makes Michael Kors watches, and other branded watches as well.

So I started looking at the Fossil watches and all of them are less than half the price of my MK watch, with a longer warranty of up to 11 years for some watches while my MK watch has only a 2-year warranty.

Talk about more bang for your buck.

Although I admit that I think the MK watches have more details in them, you`ll end up paying triple for the brand.

Source link: http://www.fossil.com/en_US/shop/women/watches/aluminum_watches/stella_boyfriend_aluminum_watch_blush-es2975p.html?parent_catego

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