Michael Kors Swarovski Crystal Gold Chain Link Watch..Watch Out Chicks Its FABULOUS!

6 years ago

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Before you read this post, or after, I suggest you all check out my other post, because these both go hand in hand, not to mention that this watch I got is to DIE for, legit to die for...


If you read my post about my Tortoise Chronograph Michael Kors watch, you may remember that I have a funny story to go with that beautiful watch...Well it may not be funny to you all but to me and my boyfriend it was pretty funny...On Christmas I got from my mom and dad the Tortoise Chronograph watch from Michael Kors.....I told my boyfriend a few weeks before Christmas that I got a Michael Kors watch for Christmas...Typical boyfriend status he took that as me telling him I wanted a watch...(am I the only one whose boyfriend does not listen fully to what I say??, what a great example to show him right?)...Anyway Christmas night he came over baring gifts....As soon as he walked in the door I showed him my new watch..Legit his face was shocked and kind of like "ohh crap"...One of my gifts was wrapped in a little box, it felt just like my Michael Kors watch box...And me I know everything nothing can get past me..So I asked him if it was a watch mostly joking, but ding ding ding I was right, like usual jkkkkk haha...Poor little baby looked so disappointed and was like yeaa.....Funny thing is that this watch and the watch my parents got me my boyfriend was deciding between....And this little beauty won!

Once I opened the watch I immediately fell in love..This watch is fabulous!! It reminds me of a chunky bracelet. As I have said before I am not all about watches so the fact that it looks like a bracelet I love...And of course the swarovski crystals add the perfect touch of bling, and chicks I loveee bling!

This Michael Kors Shiny Gold Chain Link Watch is beautiful! With beautiful swarovski crystals, which are fabulous all through out the chunky chain link bracelet of the watch.. The face of the watch is white, with beautiful gold accents... Dress up in glorious gilded beauty with this stunning watch...The watches beautiful light champagne opaline chronograph dial with goldtone indices and numerals, logo, date window and three subdials.

If you are someone who is not to keen on watches and loves big chunky jewelry this may just be for you! This watch can easily be dressed up or down, and will be the perfect accent to any outfit...The swarovski crystals really amp up this watch and give it a sense of uniqueness, I am happy to say that this watch is not a usual watch that you see all everyone wearing....My boyfriend did AMAZING!!

Check out Michael Kors watches, they are amazing watches so elegant, high quality and timeless:


Want my watch?:

I cant find this exact one with the crystals, you can check out their stores, or other department stores:

Tortoise chain link $195

Gold chain linked $225


Want a similar watch?:

Asos $77

Oasis $52

Marc Jacobs $224

Amazon $29

HSN $29

What do you think of this watch? How did my boyfriend do? What would you wear this with? Which watch do you like better??

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