Michael Kors sunglasses steal!

4 years ago

I went to Winners downtown where I lived to get to suprise my boyfriend with some new Hush pupppies dress shoes that he really liked but didn`t want to buy. I know he really liked them but the ones we saw had some minor flaws and wasn`t happy with that so I went the distance to get the perfect ones. Just when I went into the store, there had a stand with tons of designer glasses sitting right there just waiting for me to touch. I think I was in heaven! There was three brands, Coach, Tom ford and Micheal Kors. The Tom ford ones where all $99, Micheal Kors ones were $39.99 to $49.99 and Coach was from $70-$100. I really didn`t like the Coach ones because they look like kids glasses and they were more expensive. Tom Ford ones were nice too but I didn`t feel like paying $100 for another pair of sunglasses. I completely fell in love with these ones. They had two versions with the same shape, but the other ones didn`t have the hardware detailing on the sides.

These ones were only $40 CAD ($44 something after tax) compared to retail price of $125, which I think is a really good buy considering these are designer sunglasses with the more sturdy plastic frames and had a nice chic design to it. These are actually called Shetland sunglasses and come in a ton of other combinations. I really love the rose gold ones but they don`t have them when I bought it so its ok :). These ones I got was in perfect condition and comes with the leather glasses case and glasses cloth wiper thingy.

I actually was lusting for the classic rayban wayfers but they would be almost $200 so I never brought myself to buy it. This has almost the same shape but a little more interesting and a little more special.
What do you think about my new finds? Do you have any Michael Kors sunglasses?

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