Michael Kors Rose Gold watch ... review!

Hey dolls!

How are you guys doing today? Well today I wanted to do a review or kind of like telling you guys about this watch! I absolutely love this watch, I will wear this all year around no matter what season it is...and I have already done that.

However this watch is a rosegold watch which is called Baguette-Bezel watch and this is espeically appropriate during summer time and spring time but since spring is almost over and summer is right around the corner you could wear this every single day.

I wear this watch for so many things, I wear to dress my outfit up, to make it look casual and for meetings, presentations and etc... It`s totally up to you how to style it and you just kind of need to find the right fit for this watch!

I bought this watch from luuux months ago ... it was before the christmas and if you would buy it in iceland it`s a little over 52.000 ISKR which is kind of pricy compared to that its $295 in the states! If I convert the money into $ then it`s I think somewhere around $500!!! Since I got it from luuux I didn`t pay any real cash and I also paid the shipping with luuux$.

However when it arrived in here I had to pay tax over $170 approximately I think so I just told my parents I didn`t want anything else for christmas so they got me this and I got other things from them which I love but this is my little baby! I would always wear this watch ... like its such a classic piece in my opinion!

I love michael kors watches and I know that it`s not available on luuux right now ... this specific one so you guys can purchase it if you clikc the link below that I posted.

BTW...Rosegold watches are totally in for this summer and I think it was in last summer as well but it`s definitely in this summer! Definitely go and get it and click on the link or the source below if you want to purchase it :)

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xoxo Samadhi

Source link: http://www.michaelkors.com/p/Michael-Kors-Michael-Kors-Baguette-Bezel-Watch-Rose-Gold-ROSE-GOLDEN/prod9990054_cat35801_cat35701_

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