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3 years ago

I love the Friends and Family sale Macy have every year cause it`s a time when I can splurge. I originally wanted to get a LV Speedy 30 but they jacked up the price again this year and I am not a fan of the cloth tag. Another reason is that I just freak out when I carry an expensive bag out especially in certain areas of the city if you know what I mean. So I decided to just get a MK bag which I can carry everyday. This is the second MK bag that I own. My first one is their Hamilton East West one in the color Luggage. And I still love that bag. So for the 2nd bag, I decided to get one where I can use it everyday. The Hamilton is a good everyday bag too but on certain days I just think it`s too much. So I decided upon this tote bag. It`s called the Jet Set Travel East West Tote and of course as you can see the color I decided upon is black. There are several colors to choose from. I love this bag in luggage too but since my Hamilton is already in the color Luggage, I decided to skip it. There is also another color called Dark Khaki which I almost decided to get but I really needed something that would go with everything and I mean everything. I love that color too but finally I ended up with the black one. I got this bag at Macys for a little under $170 because they are having their Friends and Family sale which is 25% off and on top of that if you open a new Macys account you get another 20% on top of that. Cool, huh..so the total % I got off is 45%.
The things I love about this bag is that it has a zipper compartment in the middle and there are also 4 smaller pockets where you can put your phones and other misc items. On the bottom of the bag there are four feet which prevents the bottom of the bag from the surface you are placing your bag on. I love the gold hardware and the MK medallion. Love love love leather bags and this one is their saffiano leather bags.
Now one thing I don`t really care for about this bag is the seam. If you look at the last picture you can see where my finger is pointing that the seam is uneven where it ends. One side of the seam is higher than the other. And another thing is that the seam ends in the front of the bag. Even though the part of the seam where it ends is behind the strap, I just don`t like the idea of even the slightest chance of anyone being able to see it. I don`t get why they designed the bag this way. If I were the one designing this, I would`ve had the seam end in the back of the bag. Doesn`t that make more sense?? What do you guys think?? If the seam ends in the back, it won`t be as eye catching as if it were in the front. I wonder if this was a design flaw or a mechanical flaw. I was so excited when they told me that they have the bag I wanted, I didn`t really take the time to check every single detail out. I should`ve asked them to bring out a couple for me to choose from. But I`ve seen on youtube videos where others have had the same or almost identical problems with their bag. So I guess no matter how many bags I look at, there will probably be at least one flaw on it. As least mine is not as bad as the one I`ve seen some other girl have. Well, and like I said, I guess this must`ve been a design flaw so there was probably no way around this. But thank god that my bag is black so it is barely noticeable unless you really really and I mean really stick your face up close to my bag and inspect it like your were purposely looking for it. But all in all, I`ve only paid around $170 and I still love this bag and don`t think I would waste time going back and inspecting other bags hoping for a perfect one to exchange cause I don`t think I would be able to find one. And I was told that they were sold out and that the one I got just arrived and was just taken out of the shipment box. I was almost bummed out that I had to wait again for them to ship one to me like they did with my Hamilton last year. So glad I was able to walk out of the store with it. Oh boy, too much talking...lol.. but anyways, so if you have your eyes set on any bags go head on to Macys and take advantage of their 25% Friends and Family sale cause it ends on the 9th, Monday and on the 8th Sunday for online orders. And to save another 20% you can open an Macys account. Usually they offer an additional 10% off when you open a account with them but don`t know why this time around it`s 20%.
Whew...my fingers are tired from all this typing..lmao.. So thank you for reading and I can`t wait to enjoy using my new bag!! Anyone else did any damage at Macys??

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