Michael Kors HAUL! Hamilton Purse amp Pink wallet!

5 years ago

This Michael Kors hamilton has often been mentioned as a dupe for a Hermes handbag. The Michael Kors hamilton purse features a buckle closure, a lock, a key and four bottom feet... just like a Hermes handbag. No wonder why this is one of Michael Kors` top selling handbags!

I`ve been eyeing this Michael Kors purse for the longest time. I work in a business-casual environment so I wanted something that was a bit more structured and professional-looking. I needed something that was large enough to hold my documents for work, an iPad and a nook... as well as all my other essentials that I carry in my purse. <strong>I originally wanted an Hermes for work, but lets` be realistic, I`m never gonna drop $20,000 on a purse unless I win the lotto or something like that... a girl can dream, right?</strong>

The Michael Kors hamilton purse that is currently in stores is the second version that has been released... with the updated lock and key hardware. The first version of the Michael Kors hamilton didn`t have a lock, it had a plated hardware with the logo on it and is harder to find since it has been discontinued. This current second version of the Michael Kors hamilton comes in two sizes- a satchel, starting at <strong>$298</strong> USD and a tote, starting at <strong>$348</strong> USD. The prices are higher for limited edition bags that they release every so often. These limited edition bags will feature special hardware or special types of leathers.

Lets` talk about the packaging... <em>OMG! AMAZING.</em> I am so impressed. The box is so sturdy and doesn`t feel flimsy at all! It`s beige with white logo and white trimming. All designer purses come with dust bags to protect the leather when your purse is not being used. This Michael Kors purse came with a nice light beige/ivory/cream silky dust bag... and since it`s a neutral color, it will fit perfectly into any closet.

The one that I purchased is the Michael Kors Black Hamilton tote with gold hardware. The hamilton comes in a variety of colors, textures, fabrics and leathers, but I chose the original black leather. I usually wear black bottoms to work so the black will go with all of my work outfits. I originally wanted the satchel because I feel the satchel looks better but it wouldn`t be able to fit my documents or my iPad so I chose the tote instead. This purse is <em>HUGE</em>. I literally can fit my whole life in here with a lot of room to spare. There is one zippered pocket and four regular pockets... so there`s plenty of pockets to store things neatly.

This purse comes with either silver or gold hardware. I chose gold because I just feel it looks more </em>luxurious</em>... or maybe I`m just being biased because I`m currently <strong>in love with shades of golds and rose-golds</strong>. The purse has a key and lock which you can use to unlock the buckle... which will help expand the width of the purse to fit more things, just like a Hermes handbag. This purse is made out of genuine leather and there are four feet on the bottom to help protect the leather if you happen to put your purse on the floor. My favorite part of the purse is the longer strap which has gold chains attached to it. It gives the purse a nice edge. The inside of the purse also has a key strap for you to hang your keys so you can never lose your keys.... <em>which happens to me more often than it should.</em>

At the MK store, I also purchased a new wallet. This saffiano color block large carryall wallet is in a <strong>fun Electric Pink color</strong>. It`s one of their newest wallets that was released this season. My old wallet was falling apart so I needed a new one anyways. I`m not a huge fan of buying matching purses with matching wallets. All I need is one statement wallet. This wallet is also made out of genuine leather and the inside features two shades of pink and a cream color. The pink MK lining is so <em>gorgeous</em>! This wallet is very <em>simple and slim</em>, which is exactly what I wanted. My old wallet was so bulky and felt so uncomfortable in the palm of my hand. This <em>envelope-styled</em> wallet has a gold button that snaps it closed. It`s slim enough to use as a clutch for on-the-go if you`re just going for a quick errand. It is <strong>$138</strong> USD. When I checked online through Michael Kors` website, it was already sold out the week after it was released and was on back-order so I was very happy to find it in the store and snatched it right away. <strong>*PAUSE*</strong> Okay, so I just went on their site and I wasn`t able to find this wallet in Electric Pink so this color is <em>currently</em> still sold out.

Overall, I am <strong>so happy</strong> with my purchase! I have worn my purse every day this week and I got <em>so many</em> compliments on it. If you`re looking for a purse for work, definitely check this purse out! If it`s not for work, I do recommend the satchel because it is definitely cuter than the tote in my opinion and the shape of it resembles the hermes shape more than the tote. I hope this review was thorough and helpful for you!

MICHAEL Michael Kors Hamilton Large <strong>Tote</strong>, Black with Gold Hardware:

MICHAEL Michael Kors Hamilton <strong>Satchel</strong>, Black with Gold hardware:

MICHAEL Michael Kors Colorblock Carryall <strong>wallet</strong>, Electric Pink:

<strong>What purse are you currently using at the moment? What purse are you planning to purchase next?</strong>

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