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4 years ago

I thought it was finally time to let you all know my skin care routine since for a while now Ive continuously been asked what I use for my skin. Its changed over time but currently what Im doing works out great for me. I started to write this post out and that included my day and night routine but I found that it was a lot of information so Ive decided to make separate posts for my day and night routines. My night routine post will also include any treatments that I do, but this post will be about my day/morning skincare routine!

First off lets talk about my skin; I have combination skin where Im a little bit oily in my T-zone area then dry everywhere else. I have an uneven skin tone because Im darker in my forehead area and I also have a tiny bit red patches on my jaw bone area but its not that noticeable but its due to my mild case of Keratosis Pilaris. Id say I have pretty normal skin in terms of it not being overly sensitive or prone to breakouts. I do breakout once in a while usually in the t-zone area, but its rare. Im pretty disciplined when it comes to my skin care routine plus I also use the Acne Free 3 step system to help whenever I have a breakout and to also help keep breakouts at bay which is probably about twice a week. Since Ive had my clarisonic mia though which has been almost 2 months Ive had great results and my current routine includes the clarisonic mia which I use mostly once a day but if I feel like I need to use it twice that day I will. Most days I use it once a day and depending on my mood Ill either use it in the morning but most likely I use it at night.

My morning routine isnt as extensive as my night time routine so this routine is pretty simple and straight forward. In the morning I wake up and I cleanse my face with my Aveeno moisturizing bar. Ill sometimes use this on my clarisonic but it honestly depends on how much makeup Im planning on wearing that day.

<dd><em>Usually if I wear heavy face makeup (like liquid foundation) Ill use the clarisonic at night after removing my makeup, but on days where I know Ill only have powder or no makeup Ill use the clarisonic mia in the morning.</em></dd>

After cleansing my face with the Aveeno moisturizing bar thats it. Then I moisturize with my Olay Complete all day UV moisturizer. Im fairly new to this moisturizer but I am loving it. Its moisturizing and it has SPF 15 in it. And thats all that I would do for my skin on a typical day <b><strong>BUT</strong></b> if I had a breakout or two or three I would after go in and use my Acne Free Purifying Cleanser (step 1) after my Aveeno moisturizing bar then use the Acne Free Renewing Toner (step 2) then after that I would apply my Olay moisturizer.

If I do use Acne Free in the morning I never use Repair Lotion (step 3) because I dont like the feeling of it on my face for the day. To me Step 3 is more of a product that I would use at night.

Well thats my day/morning skincare routine! It may sound confusing but its what works for me!

<em><b><strong>What are some products that are part of your day time skin care routine?</strong></b></em>


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