Mexican Candy: Pelon Peloneta

1 year ago

I love Mexican Candy with all of my heart. I don`t get tired of eating them. The salty, sweet, sour, and especially spicy taste of this tamarind mango flavor just screams Heaven to me. I can`t believe that I just discovered this sucker. Where has this lad been hiding from all of my life? This is the epitome of all tamarind mango flavor candy because it combines 3 candies into one sucker. If you love those tamarind push up candy (soft, almost gooey, Sandy texture), then this sucker has it. The outer layer is exactly that push up candy. If you also love those tamarind flavor hard candy (think of those lollipop such as Vero Mango Lollipop), then this sucker has it as well. The first layer of the sucker is soft and almost gooey and the second layer is a ball of those mango flavor lollipop (like the Vero Mango lollipop). If you love chili powder, then you`re in for a treat. Deep inside the sucker is a hint of chili powder. So, to give you a clearer idea: the outer layer is a soft, almost gooey, chewy tamarind flavor that is spicy, sweet, salty, and sour. If you dig in a bit deeper, the second layer is a hard mango flavor lollipop (again, is has the same characteristics flavor). Bite in further and you get a small taste of actual chili powder.

Brand: Prion Peloneta
Price: $4.74
Where to Purchase: Walmart

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