Metabolism - my findings

4 years ago

I just wanted to talk about metabolism a little bit and what I have noticed over the years. It does get slower as you get older. I used to be able to skip dinner and I`d have lost 5 pounds the next day. It was awesome. Now it takes weeks to lose 5 pounds even if I watch my calories really well. I want to caution you against doing too much yo-yo dieting where you diet and then go back to your old ways and then diet again. This seems to cause problems with metabolism. Just stick with what you know is something you can do for a lifetime. Also, any too low calorie diets for too long will really mess your metabolism up. If you are doing the same exercises every day, try switching things up to confuse your body and you really need to sweat to actually see results, don`t just use the treadmill at a slow pace for 20 minutes and think that will do it. It takes pushing yourself as hard as you can go where you are panting and sweating bullets to really see results. Also, make sure to build muscle because just having the muscle on your body really makes a difference in your metabolism. These are the best tips I can give you on keeping a healthy and strong metabolism!

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