Mentos Pure Fresh Gum Reviews

5 years ago

I love mentos. But I can`t remember the last time I had Mentos. I was very lucky to have gotten the chance to try this via Influenster in their Holiday VoxBox.

The BLUE one is Fresh Mint and the GREEN one is SpearMint.

First the BLUE fresh mint one.
When you first bite into it, it is the same old Mentos crunch. Then you get slap by the MINT then finally the gum. If you like listerine breath strips mixed with gum you will like this. It`s really strong. and by strong I mean strong! It`s almost overwhelming...
The GREEN spearmint one reminds me of Wrigley Spearmint Gum. you know the green gum... Like the freshmint, same old mentos crunch. I personally prefer the spearmint to the mint.

The lasting power is ok... after you spit the gum out, your mouth is "fresh" for about 10 minutes. This WILL cover any breath from garlic to bad breath in general.

But I am not one to chew gum often so I didn`t think this would suit me. and it didn`t...
The spearmint is more my taste but the blue one isn`t for me.
WARNING: The fresh mint one is NOT FOR THE WEAK HEART!!!

I am sure these are already at the store... have you guys tried it?

This picture is mine. It`s ok to use it, just let me know.

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