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1 year ago

Selecting the correct style to suit your workplace is important - it sets the tone for how you present yourself and how others can and will perceive you... which can make ALL the different in a workplace (or competitive) environment! There`s a million ways for women to style themselves for the office, but men`s fashion is just as complex. My boyfriend recently redid his entire wardrobe for his new city job and he`s learned that the cut and style of clothing can really make all the difference.

In the picture above, he has paired a slimfit red/white button up with slim navy blue pants. To match, he wore a navy blue knit tie and tie clip, both from J Crew. Brown Clarks boots and a brown belt also match his brown leather work bag (which is out of view in the picture, but you can see the strap, lol).

Clothes that fit are crucial to building a good silhouette. It sometimes takes awhile to find *really* good-fitting clothes (he recently realized that he needs slimfit and not just small sizes all the time, but small-sized shirts can sometimes be too short in the sleeve! It`s all about really searching for the perfect fit!), but it`s absolutely worth it. The same theory applies to women`s clothes, too! For example, it`s best to have one or two pairs of jeans that reeaaalllyy fit well and look nice rather than five pairs that are `just okay` (we`ve all been there - and we all neglect the `okay` things for the ones we know are better in our closets lol).

Trends in men`s fashion may not drastically differ from season to season like women`s, but it`s always still important to note how the cut and style of clothes works with one`s figure :)

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