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3 years ago

Fashion is everywhere; it is unavoidable. But that isn`t necessarily a bad thing. A lot of men are scared by style as they see it as something which is too difficult to attain and impossible to keep up with. Nothing could be further from the truth, though. You don`t have to grab the latest issue of GQ before it hits shelves or follow every celebrity in order to know what looks good. And you do want to look good, by the way- men will have more respect for you, women will find you more attractive and you will feel better about yourself overall if you have a good fashion sense.

It`s true- all of the confidence that you`ve ever desired is attainable through simply dressing nice and looking good.

The first step is to wear form-fitting clothes. It doesn`t matter if you weigh one hundred pounds or four hundred- wearing clothes that flatter your body type will instantly make you look better. This means avoiding baggy clothes if you are skinny and staying away from tight clothes if you are a little chubbier.

If you understand your body type and base your wardrobe around it, the brand name or specific style won`t matter as much, so always buy clothes that fit well. This is especially true for shirts- T-shirts are fine, just make sure that they look good on you.

Coloring is very important, too. If you have sparkling green eyes, a matching green shirt is going to look a thousand times better on you than a normal white shirt would. Matching colors with your eyes is the simplest way to figure out what colors look best on you, but your skin tone and hair color also play a part.

For instance, people with darker skin and hair generally look better in red, whereas light skinned redheads typically can`t pull off the color as well. Experiment with different colors while you`re at the store, and make sure that the colors complement each other well, too.

When it comes to pants, try to limit how often you wear jeans. While jeans certainly offer a classic look, they don`t do much to help set you apart from the crowd. Khaki chinos are a great alternative, as are grey pants. In the summer, try to find a pair of well-fitting white jeans to still get the same level of comfort with the added benefit being eye-catching. Try to avoid cargo pants and cargo shorts, though- they are usually fairly baggy and don`t look as "crisp".

Finally, take a tip from the women of the world and learn to accessorize. Watches are the best way to do this for men, but simple necklaces can also add a bit of added style to your wardrobe. In addition, a good pair of sunglasses that fits your face well will instantly make you more attractive- not because they hide your face (although that mystery does play a part), but because a well-fitted pair of sunglasses will accentuate your facial structure and make your best features stand out.


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