Men`s Coach Wallet Review.

Although I do own this particular wallet, image not mine. All credit to actual and offical coach dot com site.

Hi Luuuxies, well... I do own this particular wallet. The pictures I tried taking were just not coming out right. I`m blogging about this to inform you of my thoughts on the quality and other features of this wallet.

It does have and ID slot separate. You can either have this in the wallet or pull it out. It fits 8 cards, but since I have more than 8, I do have to put more than 1 in some of the slots.

Aside from the 8 ID slots, there is two other small pockets where I fit my Macy`s rewards coupons and mailing stamps. Then we have the bill slots as well.

I love all of the features above, but now the part that I must complain about! I don`t like the fact that I can`t put too much cash in it, otherwise it doesn`t close. I know it`s obvious that it won`t close if there`s too much cash in it, but I guess that what I`m trying to say is, that it doesn`t really fit much cash!

Because the wallet has the ID slot, the 8 card slots, it doesn`t allow you to fit much cash. Which is inconvenient for me! I like to carry plenty of cash, when I do decide to not want to use my cards.

The other thing is the quality. This is made in China, and to have paid nearly $200.00, this is a very nasty joke of a very bad taste!

I have taken very good care of this wallet and I mean have REALLY taken care of it, but regardless, it`s almost as if it was spray painted and the paint started coming on easily. VERY POOR QUALITY, actually.

So, I honestly have felt insulted paying these prices for something made in China that prove to be of such poor quality. I won`t be buying Coach items anymore. I`ve actually set my eyes on a Louis Vuitton wallet, and it has been very recommended to me that I buy Louis insted. So I`m saving up for that.

Not my picture. The text above is 100% my own words. Check sourcelink.

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