Memory on a Bracelet - MoH Band Flash Drive

5 years ago

Technology has evolved both in characteristics and functions, but also in looks and functions. I have seen a lot of different flash drives out there,some with funny designs, others that don`t even look like something you could buy on the store and then other that combine fashion, tech and are more useful, like this one.
Its called MoH Band and its a wrist band that on one of the ends that closes the bracelet has a usb connector that you can plug in a computer and save data,so its a flash drive.
Looking like something a spy would use, but in a more neutral color, the MoH Band has different storages capacities going from 2GB up to 8GB, with the price changing accordingly of course but starting at 20$.

They will make more colors but as of now, this is still a project on kickstarter to raise funds and investors but looking at this and seeing that the price is not that high, i imagine this will get the investment it needs and it will be in stores in no time.

<strong>What do you think of this flash drive bracelet? Would you use it?
What flash drive/size do you use?</strong>

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