Memorable Places to Visit Around The World

4 years ago

The world is full of memorable places that can fill you with awe and wonder and leave you with images and sensations that will be indelibly etched on your heart and soul for years to come. Here are but a few of those special places. Australia: Heron Island Heron Island is a natural coral cay located on the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Queensland. It is one of the few places where you actually sleep and play on one of The 7 Wonders of the World. The resort island is surrounded by stunning coral gardens in crystal clear aquamarine waters. Birds, fish and marine animals abound providing an endless kaleidoscope of colour. The pristine island is part of a World Heritage site and attracts scuba divers, snorkelers and nature lovers from around the world. Canada: Whistler, British Columbia A world-class ski resort in the winter and an alpine adventure in the summer, Whistler is a wonder land for sports enthusiasts and nature lovers. Offering skiers the steepest and longest vertical runs in North America and snowboarders thrilling terrain parks, half pipes and unrivaled free riding, Whistler provides an unforgettable winter experience. During the summer months you can enjoy the majestic beauty of the rugged mountains, pristine alpine meadows, old growth forests and abundant wildlife. With fifty kilometers of hiking trails, whitewater rafting, horseback riding, ecology and glacier tours, fishing, spas and much more, there is no end of memorable activities on offer. Peru: Machu Picchu Perched on a terraced ridge in the Andean mountains of Peru, lay the ruins of Machu Picchu, the secret capital of the mighty Inca Empire. The site is shrouded in mystery. Built in the 15th century and abandoned less then a century later, it remained undiscovered for four hundred years. The Incas were highly skilled engineers and mathematicians who were able to calculate the angle of the earths axis and predict the coming of solar eclipses, but they had no written language. Their beautiful stone city was built so precisely, that it has survived earthquakes intact. New Zealand: Rotorua The North Island city of Rotorua, known for its geothermal activity, sits atop a volcanic crater. It is the cultural heartland of the Maori people. Rotorua is an out-of-this-world experience with landscapes that hiss with steam, dotted with boiling pools of mud; geysers that tower above you; stunning, brilliantly colored sulfur pools; hundreds of hot springs; and the Southern Hemispheres largest hot-water waterfall. Visitors can now see parts of the Pink and White Terraces, once dubbed the 8th Wonder of the World, which were recently rediscovered after being lost to the world after a devastating eruption in 1886. Norway: The Fjords The amazing landscapes of Western Norways fjords are among the worlds most beautiful. The deep blue waters of the fjords are surrounded by majestic, snow-covered mountain peaks, glaciers, wild waterfalls and lush, green vegetation. The National Geographic Traveler magazine rated the fjords as the worlds best travel destination and two of the fjords are UNESCO World Heritage sites. Each of these destinations offers a unique experience that will fulfill all of your expectations for a memorable holiday. Nisha represents a site called She enjoys writing about Fashion and Travel.

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