Melted Crayon Art

Hey, I have been in the crafty mood lately. This is one of my latest crafts. It is the melted crayon picture.

*Hot Glue Gun
*Hair Dryer

Step one- pick the size of canvas you want to work with then lay out crayons and determine how many you need and what colour gradient you want. I went with a classic rainbow gradient. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet.

Step two- warm up your hot glue gun and begin to glue the crayons down from one side to the other. make sure the crayola side is facing up on all of them-or any other brand you are using.

Step three- once all of the crayons are glued down let the glue set. Then take a blow dryer and been heating the crayons from the top. They will start to melt and drip down the canvas. I suggest laying down some old sheets or newspapers for this. Also have it propped up against something so that the colours can run down. This part can be a bit messy so be careful and watch were the crayon is going. Work from one side to the other.

Step four- let dry and then attach a strong on the back of the canvas to hang.

This is a super easy project that will stun your friends and family.

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