Melody Roads in Japan

4 years ago

Ever wish your car was a musical instrument? If you have, or even if you haven`t, Japan lets you do just that. A team from the Hokkaido Industrial Research Institute has built a number of <strong>"Melody Roads"</strong> in Japan, which uses the tires of your car to create music. Doesn`t that sound fun?

The concept is simple. It is much like driving over little speed bumps, but instead of an unpleasant noise, the grooves in the road are used to create musical notes. If you`re not sure when you`re driving over a melody road, don`t worry! There will be musical notes painted on the road to indicate you are traveling on a melody road. So don`t be scared when your car starts producing music that you may not be familiar with.

Apparently there was also one in California that had to be removed because residents complained that they heard it playing too often. I can see how it would be annoying, but for traveling tourists, it`s a great experience! It would probably be best to place the melody road far away from residential areas. Like in a place that people have to specifically drive to to use the melody road versus a common stretch of highway. I mean, come on. Any song or melody played too often will get annoying. Like me, for instance, I`m sick and tired of hearing any Nicki Minaj songs. :p

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