MegaUpload Shut Down

5 years ago

MegaUpload is a popular file sharing website that got shut down on Thursday by the U.S. government. It has been accused of supporting the illegal transfer of copyrighted content. This comes just on the heels of protests against proposed bills PIPA and SOPA that are meant to fight piracy but will likely be detrimental to the spirit of free information on the internet.

While I understand the concerns of the entertainment industry that file sharing websites may cut into profits, I`m not convinced that shutting down services like MegaUpload will really help. The trend towards downloading movies, tv shows, and music instead of using traditional means to access them such as televisions and radios is not going to slow down because of anti-piracy measures. I think that there has been a cultural shift where people prefer and even expect to access content online. I think there can be other ways that the entertainment industry can still be profitable -- for example, iTunes has been wildly successful. Unfortunately, the industry is still relying on legislation to try to prevent piracy instead of trying to come up with creative ways to adapt to the new market.

What do you think about this closure? Did you use MegaUpload or other file-sharing websites? As a corollary, what do you think of SOPA and PIPA?

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