Megaupload files are not deleted

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U.S. judge ruled on Friday 13th last, keep all the files from Megaupload 1103 servers, completely intact, is about 25 petabytes of data.

During the meeting held on Friday 13, in a U.S. court, the judge overseeing the trial of the case Megaupload, decided, for now, keep intact the 25 petabytes.

In a session marked mainly by the main viewpoints of both the defense lawyers of the bodies against piracy, which will endure during the trial.

Despite this ruling by the judge, still nothing has been decided regarding access or the return of files, or even the partial reopening of the site for a possible recovery of those files.

According to the Carpathia, the company that owns the 1103 servers that used Megaupload, said maintenance costs start to be intolerable, since it takes about $ 9,000 per day to keep it running.

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