Megaupload data may be erased in the next week

5 years ago

The U.S. authorities have already check the data housed on the servers of Megaupload and have indicated to the companies that can erase data.

This is the story advanced by the Associated Press. It said the files hosted on the servers will have been checked and the work done by the authorities in this area and, therefore, have given indications that companies no longer need anything else.

These statements of U.S. officials give the option to business housing the servers Megaupload starting to delete the data, since the servers cost money and Megaupload have frozen accounts in order to make the payment. If this were to happen, millions of users worldwide may be affected.

Already taking into account this possibility, some parties are organizing Pirates a lawsuit against the FBI, even due to the closure have blocked access to the data of users who use the service legally, to house their own data, photos or documents.

The attorney Megaupload, said they are making efforts to ensure that data is not erased, not only of user data, but also because the information from the servers can help defend the site.

This is due to the closure of the FBI Megaupload, due to illegal file sharing of copyrighted and money laundering, which has resulted in the arrest of more than 4 people.

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