Megan Meade`s Guide to the McGowan Boys Review!

One book I have on my Goodreads list to-read is Megan Meades Guide to the McGowan Boys by Kate Brian. I recently got a kindle, and to buy this book, it would cost ten dollars! I went to Barnes & Noble recently and found it for nine dollars! I defiantly took advantage of that.

Megans parents work in the military. When they get a new assignment in Korea, Megan doesnt want to leave the States. Shes finally sick of moving. So her other option we to live with the McGowans and there seven boys.

Megan remembers the boys as chubby, messy and mean. She comes back to find them all blessed by the Abercrombie God. Megan gets love and a place on the soccer team without the mean girl on her back. Im just going to give you a quick run-down of the characters.

Jon and Regina are the parents. Jon loves the Red-Sox and can be strict. Regina misses girl company, but loves her kids. They used to let their kids run around, but when Megan arrives, things change.

Sean is the eldest and often mentioned by Evan. Sean is a reader and always in the garage working on his motorcycle.

Evan is a playboy, dating the most popular girl in school. When a rumor spreads about Megan and him, he hates her. In the end though, Kate Brian left it open for a sequel. Youll just have to see for yourself. Evan is one of Megans love interests.

Finn is the quiet boy, always painting, but never finishing them. He has an unimaginable concentration level and a unique way of sneaking in with Megan. Finn is Megans other love interest. I was really cheering for Evan, but Finn ended up with a little bit more. ;)

Doug and Miller are twins. Miller is autistic and likes thing in a certain height order. Doug feels smothered by his brothers, acts like a rebel and hangs with the wrong kind of people. He eventually comes around after Megan saves his butt. Miller and Megan also become good friends.

Lastly are Ian and Caleb. We dont know much about the two except that they dislike Megan. She is defiantly not happy with them either as they go through her stuff and mess it all up.

Overall Id give this book 7 out of 10. It was a unique book and a funny read, but some parts were predictable and the plot seemed like an up in the air thing no one had ever tried before. I would read this again anytime:)

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