Mega Man 2! Sweet!

4 years ago

-Aw yea! Megaman!(cough) I gotta tell ya I sure love me some Mecca min. Yup back in the old NES days anybody who was anybody played their share of Mega Man. Waz that!? yu you sey u never played it, well you better gO FREAKIN PLAY THAT GAME RIGHT NOW! OR I`LL FU!

-Megaman 2, one of the all time greats that holds its place in the NES library. Developed by Capcom and released in 1988 Megaman 2 was a direct sequel to the original Megaman 1... or uh "Megaman". The 1st Megaman was a good Game and was for the most part well received, but the series popularity didn`t really take off until the release of Megaman 2 which paved the way for many sequels and spin offs over the years.

-The story in the game revolves around a madman(Dr. Wily) who has built an army of evil robot masters to do his biding. Dr. Light(the creator of Megaman) sends the little blue bomber to defeat Dr. Wily and his robot masters(YEA! FAQ YEA! GO MICRO MAN!). FunFact: at the title screen of the game your offered between normal mode and difficult mode, to us it is what it is, but in the Japanese version of the game normal mode=easy mode and difficult mode=normal mode. So to us whats difficult to us is normal to them. Once you start the game your given a choice in which order you can finish the game. You can select any one of the eight stages shown to you all with a boss battle against one of the robot masters at the end. As you beat the robot masters you gain a new ability each time which not only help you in fight against Dr Wily, but look pretty dam cool as well. All eight of the starting stages offer a unique look and a unique style of the way you play the game, which in itself is pretty cool as well. There are many secrets in each stage to find and some are easy to find and others you just have to really try.

-Overall this is a really amazing game. The bosses and stage were all unique and had their own style, The graphics were superb for its time, not too mention that the music for the game is Legendary. It is known for having one of the best musics of its series. Bottom line is i love this game and you should too. I guarantee you`ll a lot of fun playing this game. you should definitely check this game out on your free time... like now..... do it now. This has been an Ace review. Thanks for reading.
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